Brian Bogdon

ICSCC member/racer driver and Instructor with Team Continental. Have raced with ICSCC, NASA NW and Northwest Hillclimb Association (paved up hill roads). Raced in Chump Car with Rolling Craps (last, 2015 at the 24hr race at ORP) and with Son of Andrea at PIR in August of 2015. Raced the Rat Race in 2014 with Jeremiah Russell, in Rat Improve, team won the oval! Raced the Mini Enduro Season in ICSCC won the ME0 Class Championship with James Haile and James "Gator"Hudson and Curt Wikstrom (co-drivers). Finished 2nd place in the ST Class (my car is an FR500S Mustang, ICSCC 2015. Got my start in go carts, Longbeach Washington 1965. Then more open while racing (not really) just Malibu Grand Prix....Then onto AutoX and Track Days. Then Track Schools. Might have tried drag racing but, the faster one goes the less time you get to be on the track=no fun! Have race in BMW 325IS, Subaru Legacy Wagon (ex-Grand Am racer from 2005), 2008 Mustang FR500S, 260 Z Datsun and 1989 Mustang LX coupe.

Married to my High School sweet Heart and all around car girl and driver! My biggest sponsor! Has put up with the car stuff since 1978! Racing Saved my life-get a physical yearly! Just ask me how that change my life and allowed me to race on after my 55 birthday!!



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