Jay Carpenter #43

Raced karts for 2 years 71&72. Got back into racing in 2011 with SCCA autocross. 2012 moved to Club Trials and 2013 moved up to Track Trials. Also in 2013 went through approved SCCA race school. 2014 finished 1st in VP-1 at Pacific Raceway and had (1) P1 in the Hornet division at Evergreen, 10th season points.2015, a P2 at Portland Raceway in ITJ. 2015 (2) P1, (2) P2, (1) P3 in the Roadrunner division at Evergreen 8th in season point in Hornets and I was awarded "Sportsman of the Year". 2016 Roadrunners (1) P1, (2) P2, (1) P3 and still doing autocross.

Monroe, Wa
  • Bahn Brenner Motorsport
  • Bow Wow


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