Joseph Wyczalek #813

J.D. Wyczalek (why-zall-ick) is a business owner of He can help you save money off the cost of college so that you can use the difference to fund your racing addiction. In the 80's while still in high school, he fell in love with the iconic BMW e30. It wasn't until years later that he purchased his first of many BMWs. More recently the local Craigslist helped him find the car the Alchemy Racers are driving. The definition of Alchemy in our case is true, with a little bit of any magical power from the BMW faerie, we were able to transmute a common substance, of little value, into a car of great value. Most of the team members are from Phoenix Arizona.

Phoenix Arizona


Alchemy Racers Members
  • Jacob Nelson
  • Joseph Wyczalek #813 Team Captain
  • Patrick Sullivan
  • Patrick Sullivan
  • Robert Egelston
  • anthony carrao
  • David Blake
  • Aaron Gubrud