Matthew Ahl #44

I got hooked on performance owning half a dozen or so DSM's in the late '90's, sharpened my road course skills in KT100 powered karts with PSGKA, developed my autocross, engineering, and team management abilities with University of Washington Formula SAE in 2004 and 2005, and then renewed my racing interest with ChumpCar in 2010 with a team of car geeks, family and co-workers.

  1. Bill, team founder
  2. Mike, team suspension guru
  3. Nick, team motor geek
  4. CWA, team ringer
  5. BWA: team dad
  6. Poppoff, team contractor


Crapst Blue Ribbon Racing Members
  • Matthew Ahl #44 Team Captain
  • Bill Ahl #44
  • Michael Trumbore #44
  • Christopher Ahl #44
  • Matt Poppoff #44
  • Nick Drake